Social media competitor analysis with Metricool

Discover what your competitors, influencers and the brands you admire don’t want you to see

Spy on any account’s social media strategy and their results to make the best decisions with the truth in your hands

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Imagine having the chance to observe through a small hole and without filters what is never seen on social media.

The truth and nothing but the truth.

Everything behind the feed of your competitors in the market, the influencers you are considering working with and the brands you have as references to follow.

Strategies, results, brilliant ideas, epic mistakes?

What would you do with all that information? 🧐

  • Refocus your strategy?

  • Get ideas for your content?

  • Debunk myths?

  • Replicate their way of working?

Information is power.

And this is the closest thing to sneaking into the strategy and performance analysis meetings of the brands you want to keep track of. Because on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Twitch and Facebook (almost) nothing is what it seems:

  • Add the name of the account you want to analyze and in 1, 2, 3… done!

  • Sort the information by the metric you are interested in: posts with the highest engagement, comments, etc…

  • Click on any of their posts for in-depth analysis: hashtags used, topics, format, copy…

  • Draw your conclusions, write down good ideas and discard the bad ones.

Elementary, my dear Watson!

Do you want to start right away?

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Click, click, click… and here you have strategic benchmarking

You will save hours of research when analyzing and comparing your competitors’ brands and influencers in your niche.

Sometimes, the social media kit provided is not enough or does not tell the whole truth. Analyze and make the decision for yourself if those influencers are the right ones to work with your brand.

If you’ve made it this far and you need more proof – that’s the attitude!

Take an inside look at what you can do with Metricool’s most gossipy tool, through a real case study.

This annual study by IAB, the world’s largest association of communication, advertising and digital marketing, was conducted with Metricool’s competitor analysis feature.

We serve you easy-to-digest data on a platter.

We are sure you will get good use out of them

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