Metricool Affiliate Program

How do I get started with the Metricool Affiliate Program?

It’s easy! Within the Metricool dashboard, access the Affiliate Program from the top menu in the right-hand corner. Click on the “Affiliation” option.

There you will find your personalized link ready for you to copy and share with your community.

How do I receive my commissions?

Once you accumulate a minimum of $100 USD in your account, you will receive your earnings through PayPal.

To start the process, send us an invoice to [email protected] or via the Metricool chat. When we receive the invoice, payment will be made immediately.

Tips for your first steps

We believe that “Consistency is what produces the best results”. 

So work on that top content and make sincere recommendations you would make to your best friends.

Out of ideas or don’t know exactly how to get started? Here are a few:

  • Create content talking about the benefits or problems that Metricool solves. The formats are practically infinite: posts on social networks, articles on your blog, a video for YouTube, etc.

  • Monetize your blog by adding Metricool banners.

  • Add affiliate links in your written content or in the link in bio of your social networks.

  • Use email marketing to spread the benefits of Metricool to your community.

Are there any special offers for my audience?

If you have a strong community, you will be able to access trial codes for your audience that will help you improve your conversion rate.

Contact us through this email so we can analyze your account: [email protected]

Understand Metricool inside out so creating content is a piece of cake

We want you to manage all Metricool’s functionalities like a ninja, and make it easy for you to have several options:

Metricool Blog

Master Metricool like an expert and go further with your content by reading our detailed blogs.

Tutorial: Metricool from 0 to PRO

Become a Metricool pro in no time with our in-depth tutorials that take you from start to finish.

In addition, you can subscribe to our monthly Affiliate Newsletter to keep up to date with the latest news about the tool as well as receive tips to make your work as an Affiliate a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions

What link do I need to share to get started?

In the top right menu, in the Affiliation option, your personalized link is available and ready to use.

How do I receive my commissions?

You will receive your earnings via PayPal and payment will be made when you have accumulated a minimum of $100 USD in your account.

Send us an invoice by email or via the Metricool chat. Payments are made immediately upon receipt of the invoice.

What do I need to create the invoice?

You have to include your information (name and address), the PayPal account where you will receive the payment and Metricool’s information:

Metricool Software SL

Calle Tellez 12, 28007 Madrid


Can I personalize my affiliate link?

No, your affiliate link cannot be customized. You must share the link already provided in your account.

Are there any special offers for my audience?

We will be happy to assist you. Contact the team via chat so we can analyze your case and help you.

Terms & Conditions

Metricool will evaluate the suitability of you and your website with the sole purpose of not damaging the brand image by the type of content or conduct of the website or its owners.

As an AFFILIATE, you will display in support, only those URL’s to refer customers to Metricool’s website, which are provided by Metricool. It is forbidden to forward these qualified links by email.


You will lose affiliate status in the following cases:

– The use of Metricool content such as: images, audio, video, software or texts; brands or logos, color combinations, etc. 

– The use of the identifying elements, distinctive signs or trademarks owned by METRICOOL SOFTWARE in advertising mailings through the Internet or other advertising media or to appear as a commercial association beyond the mere affiliation contract.

– Bidding as keywords in advertising in online advertising services for the Metricool brand or any variation thereof or similar terms (without any letter or by adding others) or combining the Metricool brand with any other term.

– Inclusion of qualified links in emails.

– Posting rebates, credits or discounts on Metricool products and services, or any other Metricool-related content without the prior written consent of METRICOOL SOFTWARE in each case. As an AFFILIATE you may only use promotions provided through the Affiliate Program via banners and links.