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First steps: Getting started with Metricool

It is the first stage of a long road. Metricool will take you by the hand and take the first steps with you:

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Next step: plan months’ worth of content in a matter of hours

After taking your first steps with Metricool, you have unlocked a new level: it’s time to create content quickly and save and optimize your time. What will you learn? Advanced planning. Because you know that the first rule of social media is that “planning is better living”.

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Data has the recipe to help you grow on social media

Congratulations, you are now an advanced level Metricooler! You have one more step to graduate with honors. learn what your social media data hides and how to extract that information in a jiffy.

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Plug your headphones in if you want to learn in an interactive way.

If you are more into popcorn and sitting down to enjoy a good video on YouTube, here are Metricool’s free courses to learn in video format.

Learn how to use Metricool

From zero to ‘Metricooler’: a course to discover Metricool and all its features.

Data Studio course

Learn, with Victor Campuzano, how to create DataStudio reports step by step.

Zapier with Metricool

Manage Zapier with Metricool with this course: integrate the tool and get to work!

Learn Metricool at your own pace: you choose what to review today

Do you prefer to fly solo and learn Metricool at your own pace? You choose what you want to master today and how, watch a specific course or go through the Metricool webinars – your account, your rules!

Metricool’s blog

This is Metricool’s blog: discover new posts and review older ones

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Subscribe to our channel and learn with our videos or have fun with shorts.

Metricool’s webinars

Get to know Metricool’s webinars with experts in the field.