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Stand out on LinkedIn with a solid strategic plan

Plan your strategy, schedule your content and improve the impact of your personal or company profile in the blink of an eye.

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LinkedIn has its own rules and you need to know them to achieve results.

750 million people use LinkedIn daily to search for jobs, attract clients and collaborations with companies or find candidates.

But being on LinkedIn is not just creating your company or personal profile and waiting for contacts to pour in.

You need a twist to achieve goals, and know the LinkedIn rules to get there.

  • Know who you are

  • Define your client

  • Create good content

LinkedIn Company pages and profiles that succeed

  • Share recurring content directed to the customers or companies they want to attract.

  • Interact with other profiles.

  • Measure their results to improve their strategy and work on their profiles daily.

And, how much time do I have to dedicate to LinkedIn each day…?

Not only do you have to juggle your schedule to get work done, now you also have to go through LinkedIn daily…

So, you need a tool that helps you with planning, management and automation to move faster. This is the secret behind the brands that stand out.

Create your Metricool account to quickly, easily, and securely manage everything you need to do to grow on LinkedIn.

These companies are already increasing their productivity: They manage, schedule and measure their LinkedIn strategy with Metricool.

To save time without having to log in to this social media platform each day.

Schedule, automate and preview your posts with native videos or images.
You can also batch schedule your content, create automatic lists for evergreen content and leave your posts in draft to review later. Create, schedule and easily drag and drop your multimedia content.

Did you ask for more time?

  • Manage 1, 2, or even 1,000 LinkedIn company pages or personal profiles simultaneously

    Manage all the LinkedIn accounts you need from one place.

  • Work as you were on LinkedIn

    Company page mentions, post preview, content analytics, account and community stats.

  • Create performance reports in 5 minutes or less

    Because it’s all about moving faster with Metricool, you can create performance reports with a single click and customize the design. For clients, your team, or you.

Plus, some extras such as the advanced Looker Studio analytics or Zapier.

Looker Studio Connector: Bring all your data to Data Studio and measure it in detail.

Zapier: To automate even more processes. Your tool, your rules.

Alone, you advance faster, but as a team, we go further

Work as a team from the same place.

Manage permissions for your colleagues or customers so they can access the scheduled content, see the evolution of the brand and participate in the execution of the strategy.

Manage your social media effortlessly from your PC or the app.

It is also available for Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, Google Business Profile, YouTube, and Twitch.

How much time would you get back and progress you would see by managing your LikedIn profile with Metricool?

Check it out yourself now