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Broadcasting live with Twitch seems easy, but it can actually be complicated to attract new viewers.

You plug in the OBS, turn on your mic, get in front of the camera and start chatting, commenting, or playing a video game. 

But, Houston, we have a problem.

Unless you have already built a community on other social media sites or are a renowned streamer, the tags and categories of your live stream alone are not enough to attract viewers.

In the end, Twitch ranks live streams based on the number of viewers. So it’s time to shout from the rooftops what, how, and where you are streaming. Use your other social media profiles to expand your reach.

But this translates into more workload:

  • More creatives for your posts

  • More editing to adapt clips to other social media platforms

  • More hours

  • More coffee

However, what if we tell you that there is a tool where you can easily schedule your content across multiple social media platforms and analyze what works best?

How would the story change? How many viewers could you attract?….
Check it out for yourself…

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Once you’re a Twitch affiliate or partner, then it’s time to measure results to increase subscribers, right?

Well, Metricool makes it easy for you.

  • Peep into your competitors’ data and strategy 🧐

    Learn from your competition and be inspired. Access a visual chart with your competitors and sort the information by any of these metrics: followers, videos, clips, and views.
    Understand their strategy, which streams got more views, the duration of their videos,  or the most viewed clips: what they are about and what titles they use.

  • Look at the details: your channel analytics.

    Discover the evolution of your community and live streams in any given period. Which videos are the most viewed? How many clips have your subscribers captured? Analyze the number of views, duration, and date of broadcast. Draw conclusions and make better decisions.

  • Bring your data with you anywhere.

    With one click, you can create performance reports of your channel and streams in less than 5 minutes with Metricool’s reporting feature. Select the data you want to include, and that’s it.

    A complete report for you or to send to your sponsoring brands.


Growing from scratch is hard. And even more, when you know that the streamer with more live viewers ranks first. It is a real challenge for those who are just starting or want to grow. So, relying on other platforms is necessary if you want to reach more people and drive them to your Twitch channel. 

With Metricool’s help, this process is much easier and less arduous for you, and you can multiply your reach in a heartbeat. Your main task as a streamer must be creating content. Let Metricool help you spread the word and collect data from all the sites to make better decisions.

Vicent Martí Pérez
CMO y cofounder in Streamloots

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