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Twitter visibility goes up to 36 million tweets per hour

At this pace, the only way to achieve visibility is to be consistent and different.

And the problem is that hundreds of Twitter accounts have been left behind because…

  • They post once in a blue moon and the more consistent brands bury their tweets.

  • They are stuck in Twitter’s prehistoric times when 280 characters were everything and forgotten about current formats such as threads, tweets with GIFs, or images.

  • They don’t interact with their community and wait for comments or retweets to pour in.

Miracles only happen in fairy tales

We must take action and design a plan.

  • Post consistently

    No need to be connected.

  • Know your Community

    Identify what they like and expect from you.

  • Choose the right tool

    To create content in minutes instead of hours.

So stop waiting for the magic to happen and get down to work because time is money, and the better you use it, the better the results. 

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These brands are already Metricoolers and use our tool as a hub to manage their Twitter strategy and achieve results in less time.

  • Get inspired by new content

  • Schedule quickly & easily

  • Measure, learn, apply

  • Create easy reports

Research competitors to find new content ideas.
  • Looking into your competition is an advantage

    Collate the data in seconds from accounts that you admire, are similar to yours, or influencers in your niche. See how they publish, what kind of content, and what hashtags they use. With data on hand, everything is easier.

Plan and schedule content. Do in hours, what usually takes days of work.
  • Schedule months’ worth of all types of content in advance.

    Twitter threads, tweets with images and GIFs, or classic tweets. Schedule everything from a visual planner, with the same features as if you were on Twitter. Plus some extras, such as an image editor.

  • Discover the magic hours to increase reach with your tweets. 

    Identify when your audience is connected at a glance to know when it is best to schedule your tweets.

  • Preview how your tweets and threads will look and adjust with drag & drop.

    Ensure your content will look as you envisioned. You can also save it as a draft to review it later or drag & drop it to another day and time.

Measure relentlessly to perfect the social media strategy
  • Track the evolution of your profiles, your followers, and the success of your posts.

    Visually get all the essential information in seconds; the growth of your account, the tweets with more reach, and the number of followers gained and lost.

  • Bring all your Twitter data to Data Studio

    To have advanced analytics, create reports available at any time, or cross-reference data with other data sources. Advanced analytics is a reality with the Data Studio connector.

Create performance reports in minutes
  • Create professional, customized reports in five minutes.

    Also, automate the delivery to your team members, clients, or company.

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