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The algorithm-proof kit to thrive on Instagram

Plan your strategy, schedule posts, stories, carousels, and reels, respond to comments, and measure your results from the same place and in half the time (or less).

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To boost your Instagram reach and build a meaningful community, you need to be very clear on:

  • What your audience wants

  • What the algorithm wants

  • What you want to achieve

Instagram accounts that don’t get likes, followers, or good results always miss at least one of these things:

  • They don’t know what topics work,  so end up publishing content that no one is interested in.

  • They create posts that the algorithm, with its constant changes, no longer rewards with visibility.

  • They forget about their business goals, because they fail to create that bridge between Instagram and their brand, which turns followers into customers.

And why does all this happen?

Oh, Houston… we have a couple of problems:

lack of time and way too many tools

  • To schedule.
  • To insert links.
  • To measure results.
  • To find hashtags.
  • To identify trends.
  • To reply to comments and DMs.
  • To create performance reports.
  • 😱

How much time is wasted switching from one tool to the next?


Unless, you don’t use any tool. In this case, we can’t imagine how many hours you spend a day on your phone, trying to manage all your Instagram accounts.

Anyway, you can’t go on like this. Wasting time is wasting money, and so is wasting too much time on Instagram.

Create your free Metricool account now: quickly, easily, and securely manage everything in the same place, to grow on Instagram.

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All these well-known brands are already Metricoolers, so they have a single hub to support their entire Instagram management process to:

Because the success of any brand strategy on Instagram depends on you following those 5 steps…

…. and with Metricool, you will excel in all five.

To plan a solid algorithm-proof strategy, you will:
  • Always have reliable data to know what and when to publish.

    Have accurate metrics about everything that happens on your profile at the palm of your hand: which posts and formats work best, which hashtags are a gold mine, who your followers are… Analytics is our forte.

  • Spy on your competitors to know their failures and successes.

    Find out in a few minutes what’s going on under your competitors’ roof so you can keep the good stuff and discard the rest: strategies, new ideas, epic failures… Information is power.

  • Choose the influencers that are worth it with criteria and guarantees. 

    Why blindly trust what they promise or appear to be if you can discover the truth on their profiles with real data? Let’s see if all that glitters is not gold.

To post your content without worrying about it every day, you will:
  • Schedule months’ worth of content ahead of time.

    All types of content: single images, carousels, videos, stories, or reels. In a simple way and at the right moment for your audience.

  • Preview how your feed will look and drag & drop your posts to adjust. 

    Make sure your post fits like a glove with the rest of the images on your profile. And if it doesn’t, drag and drop it into the perfect spot. It’s that easy.

  • Take advantage of the same features as if you were posting manually.

    Tag people, add locations, insert recommended hashtags, and attach links to your strategic content.

To increase the reach of your posts, you will:
  • Discover when to post to get more reactions and ensure the algorithm will give you visibility.

    Find out when most of your community is connected so when you publish, the Instagram algorithm doesn’t bury your posts for a lack of interactions..

  • Create, manage and measure Instagram ads to multiply your impact.

    No need to have technical knowledge or jump between platforms. Launch your campaigns, analyze their results and add the data to your performance reports with one click.

  • Bring your Instagram metrics to Data Studio.

    If you want advanced analytics and be able to cross-reference your Instagram data with other sources, your wish is our command. Metricoool’s Data Studio connector will become your new favorite tool, with fully customizable performance reports, available anytime.

To build a loyal and committed community, you will:
  • Reply to all messages and comments you receive, from one place.

    Always reply to comments on posts, as well as private and public messages from Metricool’s Inbox – be social, my friend!

  • Add members of your team or clients to manage the community together.

    Get ahead faster by working as a team. Give your colleagues or clients access to features with these permissions: manager, editor or analyst.

To attract new customers, you will:
  • Drive your audience to your strategic content with smart links.

    It’s the link in bio revolution: SmartLinks. Links you can add to your profile with customizable colors, buttons, images… Plus, you can track how many users have clicked on them.

  • Find and select the hashtags your target audience is searching for.

    Enter the topic of your post and find hashtag suggestions sorted by popularity to reach new people interested in your niche.

  • Create performance reports in 5 minutes or less.

    Choose what information you want to include, customize the style, and automate the delivery to a select audience. All your account data ready to take with you, present to clients, or share with your team.

For everything and everyone, from your PC or mobile app.

It is also available for Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter, Google Business Profile, YouTube, and Twitch.

How much time would you save, and what would be the impact of your efforts on Instagram with this tool?

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