Manage your social media messages

A single inbox to manage all your social messages

No more unanswered comments. No more disappointed customers. No more time wasted switching accounts.

Be social, my friend. Use Metricool’s social media Inbox management tool to view and respond to all DMs, comments and reviews.

Always up to date with your messages

Your time is gold and so are your followers

Imagine you walk into a store and ask the clerk a question, but instead of answering you, they ghost you. Your face would look something like this 😱

Well, something similar applies to social media. People expect a response when they take the time to write to you, comment or ask a question on your social channels.
And to do so, you need to pay attention to all your social media profiles, another task on top of planning, posting, measuring results, and creating reports… a long list that can be overwhelming. So to do everything without disappointing your followers, you need to:

  • Unify messages
    in one place.

  • Reserve a space
    in your agenda.

  • Respond as you would
    like to be answered.

Because if we have to choose one thing to define what social media is for, it is to build a community and encourage conversations.

We give you the means and you provide the answers

Simplify message moderating with a single inbox management tool. Up to date messages and comments = happy customers.

Forget the traditional method of logging in and out of each social network to respond to your community. Time is gold, and so is the Inbox feature.

Metricool’s Inbox is like having your own Jiminy Cricket to help you manage your messages:


  • Choose the brand to manage. Select a brand with all its social media messages.

  • Review your messages by social media channel, or all at once.

  • Answer directly, load saved responses, leave notes or mark your messages as unresolved to come back later.

  • Use filters to go faster. You choose: private messages, comments or reviews.

  • Search by keyword and, review all messages where the term appears.

  • Work in a team. Give access to your collaborators to moderate messages.

Save time by replying to your comments, messages, and reviews.

Manage your inbox from any device, desktop or mobile app.

Free forever. No trial period.