Metricool Google Chrome extension

The Chrome extension for scheduling content on social media with just one click

Share content on social media without leaving the browser. Did you find the perfect article or video for your social networks? Add it to your editorial plan and schedule it instantly without having to copy/paste.

Schedule on these social networks from the extension

How to get more hours out of your day while planning your social media content?

You can do this the usual way – the classic method.

  • Search phase:

    Analyze content and save ideas in your blog notes or favorites.

  • Planning phase:

    Retrieve your notes, choose the social network where the content fits and start curating and scheduling it on each social media platform.

Or you can save time with the advanced method.

The one that unifies all the phases in one: search and scheduling simultaneously to save much-needed time for other tasks.

  • Create your free Metricool account to access the planner where you can schedule all your social media content.

  • Download the Chrome extension and program the content that fits your brand with a single click.

Classic or advanced method?

Download the Metricool Chrome extension and gain some extra time in your day.

Combine it with your Metricool account and schedule with one click.

Streamline the task of sharing content on social media without having to leave your browser

The Metricool + Chrome extension combo comes to the rescue to simplify the search, planning and scheduling of social media content.

Because you know that time is money and every little bit helps.

  • Share articles, videos or posts with one click.

    You have just found an interesting article to share on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Facebook. Select the fragment of the text you want to quote, right-click, and select share with Metricool.

  • Plan and schedule simultaneously. The best 2-in-1

    Once you click on share, the Metricool scheduler opens with the selected text and the link to the video, article, or news item. Add an image if you want, choose the social network, and schedule your content in seconds.

  • Take a look at the final result

    With the previewer, you can check how your post will look before publishing it, in case you want to make any changes. And, if you prefer, you can leave it in draft mode to review later.

    1,2,3 done!

Meet your new favorite Chrome extension

Plan, schedule, and create content all at once 😉

Try it out and you’ll see.