Social media content review and approval system

Optimize your social media content approval process.

Happy clients = loyal clients. 

Allow your clients or team members to approve content before posting it, automatically from Metricool. Avoid last-minute changes, work efficiently, and improve communication.

Create your content plan with these channels

Say goodbye to multichannel communication.
Include clients in your team

The content plan is prepared and ready to publish, you’re just waiting on client approval.

Ring a bell? 

  • You send them an email

  • You get a reply two days later

  • You have to make last-minute changes… 

You end up with notes in different places, scrambling to communicate the changes with your team, and everything feels out of control. 

Breathe… it’s normal for something to slip your mind when you don’t have just one client, but multiple.

So, why not…

These brands have already implemented the approval system in their workflows – join them!

Here’s how the approval process works

3 simple steps!

  • Create your content plan for all social media channels
  • Let your client know they can now review
  • Your content is approved and ready to post

By yourself, or with a team. 

With the approval system, you can assign the roles you need to keep the content plan moving forward: content creator, editor, manager, and you can even create custom roles for your workflow. Oh, and we can’t forget the client role!

Once the content is scheduled and ready, send it off for review to as many people as you need. Your client (or their team) will receive a notification to access the planner and approve, reject, or leave comments for any changes.

Your client has approved the content, great! Now the post will be published at the scheduled time and day, so you don’t have to worry about anything else. Let Metricool take over. 

Centralize your client and team communications in one place. 

Invite as many collaborators as you need, and go forward together

Sign up for the Advanced or Enterprise plan and discover how a content approval process changes the rules of the game. 

Your only question will be: Why wasn’t I using this earlier..?