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The ace up your sleeve to plan, edit, and schedule months worth of content in just hours

All formats and channels under control with a single tool, easier to use than building a simple Lego set

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Posts, Stories, carousels, Reels, Shorts, pins, TikToks, YouTube videos…

Managing multiple accounts, channels, and formats can get out of hand… 

Executing a content plan can be like balancing multiple glass plates.

  • What do we want?

    Plan, edit and schedule from one place all the posts that a brand needs to grow on social media.

  • How do we want it?

    Easy to use at a glance, with the same features as posting manually and last-minute change proof.

  • When do we want it?

    Now…. 😅


You need to spend your precious time creating content and defining a strategy, not programming.

You need the peace of mind of having an overview of what will be published daily in each channel and moving any content as you wish through the calendar.

There are always last-minute changes and tweaks that you need to make quickly to avoid your plan from falling apart. 

Create your free Metricool account now and simplify the management of your content calendar for Tiktok, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and Google Business Profile.

Free forever. No trial period.

It is much more than a drag-and-drop planner.

Without leaving the tool at all, you can accomplish the 3 golden rules for efficient social media management:

  • Increase reach.

  • Save time.

  • Take care of details.

Because you know it is not enough to simply have your posts go out on the day and time marked.

Increase each post’s reach with extra resources:
  • Find the most followed hashtags by your audience on Instagram and TikTok.

  • Adjust the scheduler to your time zone to publish at the correct time.

  • Find the times when it is best for you to publish each day with the exact percentages.

  • Add mentions to other accounts in your posts with the integrated search engine.

  • Promote your posts with one click to give them an immediate visibility boost.

  • Add videos and images to your posts from the media bank.

Save time with features that make your work easier:
  • Batch schedule your content from a CSV file, so you don’t have to do it several times. 

  • Filter the calendar by social network or publication status to work with more clarity.

  • Share your content on multiple channels simultaneously and expand your presence.

  • Use autolists to keep active on social media with evergreen content.

  • Work as a team or give your clients access to edit and approve drafts before publishing.

Take care of the details to stand out from the competition:
  • Edit your images from the planner to give them the final touch or bring them from Canva.

  • Add Alt Text to your Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook images for visually impaired users.


  • Preview your content before publishing to avoid last-minute mistakes.

  • Shorten your links, so your audience does not find endless URLs, and take care of the aesthetics of your profile.

  • Include emojis compatible with all social networks to make the texts more attractive.

  • Generate 5 copy ideas for your posts with the AI social media assistant and overcome writer’s block.

And, this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Metricool is more than just a social media planner. Analyze your social media metrics, research your competitors, and respond to all private messages and comments from one place.

From your PC or the mobile app, available for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, TikTok, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Business Profile, and YouTube.

Free forever. No trial period.