Social media dashboard in Looker Studio

The Looker Studio connector of choice for social media managers, analysts and agencies

Thousands of data sorted by brands and social networks are waiting for you to cross-reference with other data sources and get a complete view of your online presence.

250+ Data sources

The big questions about social media have answers…

Is there a direct impact between web traffic and social actions? Does the higher number of followers on social media increase brand searches for my business? The answer is in the data, but you need to cross reference the information with other data sources such as Analytics or Search Console.

  • What do your customers want?

    Your customers want answers, real-time data, and a metrics-based strategy.

  • What do you want?

    You want to demonstrate the impact of social media on a marketing strategy and validate your decisions with data.

  • What does the Looker Studio connector want?

    The Looker Studio connector wants to help you achieve your goals quickly and give you the flexibility to aggregate your data and create reports on your own terms.

All data in one and one connector for all…

Social media managers, analysts, agencies and metrics lovers.

The Looker Studio connector is the only one that allows you to analyze all your social networks grouped by brands, ad platforms and web from a single data source.

It’s the oracle you need to get answers, but without magic: with data in hand.

  • More than 250 data sources at your fingertips.

    Your report, your rules.

  • All the data of your brands of social networks, web and ads.

    Ready to appear in Looker Studio.

  • Unified data sources.

    To reuse and recycle your reports. 

  • History of your brands

    View unlimited custom time periods.

  • Merge data natively.

    Create data sources that combine multiple brands.

  • Create reports without limits.

    Combining the standard connector data with the social media data from the Metricool connector.

Discover the formula to move faster with professional analytics.

Try now your Metricool Advanced or Enterprise account that includes the free Looker Studio connector for 15 days.

Includes all of the Metricool features.

Vitaminize your Looker Studio reports with your social media data, and gain more hours in your day.

Because even if your thing is to measure, when hiring the Looker Studio Connector, you get the complete Metricool package. The Swiss Army knife to manage social networks.

Come on, now you’ll earn more for less.


  • It also imports data from all your social networks and ad platforms into Looker Studio. [Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, TikTok, YouTube, Twitch, Google Business Profile. Facebook Ads, Google Ads and TikTok Ads. Website/Blog] you can plan all your publications, at your best time, on each social network.

  • Reply to all your private messages and comments from one place.

  • Create and compare your Facebook Ads and Google Ads campaigns.

  • Analyze your competitors’ data and add it to your Looker Studio.


  • Automate processes with Zapier thanks to integration with Metricool.

Raise your hand. Who has questions?

Well, just in case we don’t see you among the public, we will leave here the most frequently asked questions.

What data can I add with the connector?

Facebook- Evolution and detailed data of posts, campaigns and ads.
Instagram- Evolution, historical detail of both posts and stories.

In general, you can add to your Looker Studio reports: any data, from any supported social network, that you can find in the Metricool interface. Even a few more.

You have data evolution (dimension is time), tables (posts, stories, tweets, etc.), competitors you have added to your Metricool account (both the summary table and its posts) and some demographic data.

Advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and TikTok Ads are also supported.

Here is a detailed list of what dimensions and metrics you will have available in the Metricool Looker Studio connector.

How does it work?

Create brands and connect social networks from the Metricool interface.
The Metricool Looker Studio connector allows you to use data from any of your brands and social networks associated with Metricool in your Looker Studio reports.

Therefore, you will first need to have a Metricool ADVANCED or ENTERPRISE account, create at least one brand and connect with Metricool all the social networks or Ad platforms that you intend to include in your report.

The rest of the work can be done in Looker Studio.

Connect your Metricool API Key
In Metricool, go to your Account Settings and copy your API Token. You’ll need to associate it with your Google Account (which you’ll be using Looker Studio with) with your Metricool account.

In Looker Studio, create a report and search for “Metricool” among the list of community connectors. The first time you do this from an unassociated Google account, you will be prompted for the API Token to associate that Google account with your Metricool account.

Once your account is associated, the process of creating data sources is simple. You’ll see your Metricool brands and the data types you can associate in the data source.

To add or remove brands, or connect new social networks, you must do so from the Metricool interface.

Create new data sources in Looker Studio
Set up new data sources by selecting the brand, network and data type you want to import.

Are there limits to the use of Looker Studio?

Metricool does not impose limits on the responsible use of the Looker Studio connector to access your brand data in your reports.

You can create unlimited reports that access the data of the brands you have configured in your Metricool account. There is no limitation on the size or the period, number of reports, or number of social network connections per brand.

The only limitation on the part of Metricool is the number of brands included in your ADVANCED or ENTERPRISE plan.

Likewise, Metricool has no control over the possible limitations that Looker Studio may impose on the amount of data you obtain from Metricool, the number of calls to our server or the time needed for response.

Since community connectors are based on Google Ads Scripts apps, here’s a reference to the possible limitations imposed by Google.

Do you have a template to get started?

Start with a template already created
We make it easy for you so that in a matter of minutes you can use the template with your data.
You have instructions and help to get started with your own Looker Studio reports and the Looker Studio Connector.

>> Start here from a template

Need help with Metricool’s Looker Studio Connector?

Well, we are here, contact us to support and we will help you solve any doubt you have.

Create as many reports as you need with the data sources that matter

If you need advanced analytics, to further professionalize your reports or you are a born analyst, the Metricool Looker Studio connector is for you.


Create 100% personalized reports and save time every month

With Looker Studio, you can create a complete personalized report of more than 50 pages, including data from various social networks with great detail. You’ll be thrilled with the time save each month by sending it automatically from Looker Studio. Then, you can duplicate that same report for another client and see how, in 6 clicks, you have it ready. You’ll save your precious time thanks to the Metricool connector.

Víctor Campuzano
Google Looker Studio Specialist